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Loomis Associates International is an established career and leadership development firm that works with professionals to achieve their life goals.  


Helping professionals create lives that reflect their best selves and realize their fullest potential is our mission.  We focus on values, priorities and skills to generate the unique and powerful energy each of us possesses.  Obstacles are identified and a strategy plan agreed upon.  A minimum of three months of coaching drives action steps to achieve the sought after objectives.


Clients span all industries and come from the corporate, NGO and start-up sectors.


Methodology includes:

  • Identifying goals through examining values, skills & experience
  • Developing purposeful actions towards reaching them
  • Exploring obstacles holding one back
  • Learning to shift one's energy to realize fullest potential


Benefits comprise:

  • Empowered goal setting
  • Intentional decision making
  • Removing obstacles
  • Harnessing personal energy
  • Structuring necessary change
  • Sustaining developed action plan




Established in 2010, Loomis Associates International originally focused on emerging markets, where it earned a reputation for excellence in the field of multicultural executive placements.  As market demand evolved, it was organized to encompass specialized professional coaching  activities.  Founder Christine Loomis started working globally 18 years ago to coach professionals, often in emerging markets, guiding them into meaningful careers.  The process highlights personal goals and builds on values and existing skills to identify new paths. 


Clients range from those seeking career transition or guidance in current positions to those seeking new ventures.  Career management and life purpose require ongoing attention, and the depth and scope of Loomis Associates provide navigation.



Christine Loomis


Loomis Associates International provides complete and sustainable solutions for individuals in managing their long-term careers.


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To schedule an appointment or find out more about the services we offer, please call +1 914 450 7680 or send an email to christine@christineloomis.com.



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Loomis Associates International's Next Act coaching has arrived to great acclaim.  Talented achieving professionals seek a Next Act, in which their commitment is to increasingly meaningful work.  After cooperatively designing a plan, they are on their way to balanced and fulfilling lives.

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